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Hello every one


We are planning to carryout survey on liver size in Somaliland.

Number of Somali land population is 3.5 million,

The problem is we don't know specific measurement to determine whether liver is enlarged or not. we see liver size of 12 cm, and it appears normal, and another liver of  16 cm and appears normal. 

please if some one has done like this survey in any country please share with us your experience. how to start and what to do..


Waiting you



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Thanks Md Ibrahim. In general abdominal forum , a couple of months back, we started a  lively discussion on hepatomegaly with Prof Gilani leading. You can just see the previous discussions or directly contact with Prof Gilani of Lahore.
Thanks Dr MM Nurus shafi i will do
liver size 150mm now how to diagnose for hepatomegally see left lobe normal range 60mm ,right lobe 150mm ,especially see by costal view patient in supine position lower tip of right lobe extends below the kidney and rounded ,calculate liver volume of right lobe and left lobe by ultrasound machine by transverse ,longitunal and AP diameter average in female 1400 ml/in male 1831ml
I prefer the measurement in terms of cc or grams. This overcomes PSEUDO HEPATOMEGALY due to emphysematous lungs or PSEUDO SMALL LIVER DUE TO atelectatic lungs. Generally an adult liver should be 1200 to 1800grams (or cc assuming the tissue density to be the same as that of water....most of the body cells have water as the major molecular component). Sooo, the volume / mass can be obtained by measuring the x, y, and z distances. Alteratively is to see how much of liver is below the costal margin along the mid-clavicular line(clinico-sonographic method). Hope this helps

thanks all

but what i need is if some one has done or was part of a team done survey for specific community to determine the average size of the liver for that community. if you know any published result..



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