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We are establishing a QC program preparing our lab for accreditation.  Does each probe need to be checked once a month?  I am curious to know what other labs are doing in their QC program.  Please comment  or make suggestions.

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Is this for ICAVL, ICAEL, ACR, or AIUM accreditation?

For AIUM, the following is recommended:
Daily: Check transducer cables for damage, check transducer housing and transmitting surface for cracks, separations, and discolorations, examine images for vertical shadows and streaks caused by dead elements.

Annually (at least): Check transducer uniformity, maximum depth of visualization for each frequency setting, target detection, and distance measurement accuracy.

Hope this helps!
Paula, thank u for your comment. Regardless of which accreditation, isn't there a standard? We are using a Gammex phantom and image documentation stored into PACS as well a QC log book to check each probe monthly. Some others in my ultrasound community are checking one probe a month in their QC program. I have read ACR's accreditation guidelines, and it seems vague to me-just as long as a QC program is in place and the probes are checked regularly. I have not read any of the other accreditating guidelines.
I don't know of any universal standard. Some manufacturers claim that certain ultrasound machines don't need ANY routine evaluation/calibration, although AIUM-accredited practices must still meet the requirements regardless of what the vendors say.


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