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Role of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the follow-up of endo-vascular aortic aneurysm repair: an effective and safe surveillance method.
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Focus on the "unstable" carotid plaque: detection of intraplaque angiogenesis with contrast ultrasound. Present state and future perspectives.
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Contrast carotid ultrasound for the detection of unstable plaques with neoangiogenesis: a pilot study.
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Carotid body tumors: advantages of contrast ultrasound investigation.
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Detection of carotid adventitial vasa vasorum and plaque vascularization with ultrasound cadence contrast pulse sequencing technique and echo-contrast agent.
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Contrast ultrasound imaging: the best method to detect type II endoleak during endovascular aneurysm repair follow-up.
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Contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging for aortic stent-graft surveillance.
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Regarding "Reduction in aortic aneurysm size: early results after endovascular graft replacement".
Giannoni MF, Bilotta F, Fiorani L, Fiorani P.
J Vasc Surg. 1998 May;27(5):981-2. No abstract available.

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