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With the recent FDA approval of Lumason (Sonovue), we seem to now have a third option for CEUS.  Is anyone planning to switch agents?

My interest is primarily abdominal imaging.  I understand Sonovue is very popular in Europe and Asia for these applications but I haven't yet seen any data showing diagnostic advantage over Definity or Optison. Does anyone have any experience with this?


Rob Bour

University of Wisconsin Radiology

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it works pretty much the same as Definity or Optison. Practically no difference. 

I currently use Definity, mainly use it for liver imaging. I could do several injections out of one vial if needed. Lumason will be 5ml after reconstitution. You can do 2-3 injections. I do not know the cost of Lumason, if any difference. I am assuming it would be about the same cost as Optison and Definity? Anybody knows? 

Yuko Kono

University of California, San Diego

I think the biggest difference is that Sonovue/Lumason can be hand-agitated vs. needing to use the Vialmix with Definity. 

Cost really depends on your contract but if I remember correctly Definity's list price might currently be lower (please correct me if I am wrong). 

Sonovue certainly has been studied more extensively outside the US in non-cardiac applications. Not sure if anyone has ever done a head-to-head comparison. In my mind they probably both get the job done.

Tobias Kummer

Mayo Clinic, Rochester


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