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Silicone oil can be a nightmare when is used as filler, especially in the facial region. So far, these not FDA approved deposits are usually injected under non-medical conditions and may cause late and strong adverse reactions including disfigurement. So far, there are several medical treatments including steroids and antibiotics for managing the inflammatory and granulomatous complications but the removal of the deposits seems be a very difficult task due to the size of the molecules and the great dispersion of the deposits. However, the dermatologic market is full of lasers and other devices.  Is anyone sonographically monitoring lasers or the usage of other devices in these silicone oil patients?

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Sorry, no experience in this field


In Italy free silicone is not legal. However, I know that there is some unauthorized cosmetic use of free silicone in our country too. Are you Ximena talking about US-guided treatment/removal? I have no experience on this issue

I`m talking about non-invasive ultrasound follow up of laser of other devices on silicone oil deposits. Silicone oil is not legal in our country but still we get many patients with these deposits.

The use of oil silicone is a huge problem in Colombia, of course is not legal , but I see a lot of patients  with

that material specialty in the face. After the  plastic surgery had been removed the material with laser, they send me back the patient to control it. I have see good results in most of the cases, the tissues it does not come back normal , but it is possible to see more anatomical detail in the part that they removed  it, I also try to compare with the initial image.


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