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Looking for any guidance on right machine for elastography research on tendons, muslce & fascia


I currently own an a-cart IU-22, but am looking to update to something that can handle elastography. I have read a bit on benefits and issues of strain vs shear wave, and though I understand the basics, not sure which is really best from clinical standpoint.

My cheapest upgrade path is to a g-cart IU-22. But from what I read, the IU-22 supports strain with linear probes, and shear with only a curvilinear.  Also read there are a lot of differences between companies on how they actually process their data for elastography.

Is IU-22 a good choice for this application of elastography, or is their a better option ?

Thanks in advance


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I was in the same situation in 2015, we own an IU22 and wanted to do elastography on rodents which would require a higher frequency than available for the IU22.  We ended up choosing a Supersonic Imagine system that goes up to 15MHz (they also have a research probe that goes higher).  We have been very pleased with the system. 

Comments from other AIUM members

  1. Tendons are quite stiff and have high shear wave propagation speed. Therefore, it is important to have high frame-rate imaging platform for optimal Shear wave imaging performance. I think the iU22 may not be optimal for this application. The newer Philips scanner Epiq has higher frame rate and should be a better option than iU22. SuperSonic Imagine Explorer is also a high frame rate imager, and should be good for this application too.
  2. I do not have a IU22 so cannot say much. The GE linear transducer is ok with the MSK Elasto although I do not use it a lot in regular practice.

Thanks for replies

I have a demo coming for the Supersonic. Thanks. for heads up, have not played with their brand before.

Terri, I'm going to email you off forum about your supersonic experience 


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