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Why there are 3 branches at DA images, the 3 branches should appear at aortic arch? Any idea?

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Likely bleed over from the aortic arch. The caudal flow seen in the 1st image (red vessel in the neck) is likely the SVC. I will often see the branches of the aorta when scanning the ductal arch view because they are so close together. They are not connecting to the ductus, but properly connected to aorta. If the vessels are truly arising from the ductus, I would call into question transposition or other conotruncal abnormality

Thanks share your opinion, sometimes, actually, see the branch(es) on aortic arch, but also see branch(es) at ductal arch. This case is after I review offline and just doubt something wrong due to both color and B-W images shown the 3 branches. Hopefully she may come back for follow up.


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